How AI is Complimenting Digital Marketing

We can look at the evolution towards the more digital marketing model and realize that in the end it’s all about data, analytics, programming, Artificial Intelligence and as a service. All technologies are enablers of the digital customer experience and at the same time are challenged to provide the services and experiences that customers want. In order to get ahead in the digital marketing discipline, organizations need to change their attitude towards the AI and ML technologies. They need to demand better use of these technologies and ensure their maturity and the benefits they provide for their business. AI applications can mean an increase in ROI for digital marketing projects when leveraged correctly.

AI Content Generator

Writing of content is time consuming process for writers. An AI content generator will significantly reduce the time by generating more content in less time. The content writer must have the expert knowledge in the field to produce the right content. AI tools can be trained for your domain for a fraction of the cost. AI content generator tools can also provide content for your social media, SEO purposes as well as write comments for social media posts for your brand.

AI for Predicting Behavior of Your Customer

Every day AI reviews, organizes, and evaluates data. It can easily understand the contents of web pages and build lists of potential outcomes. Most AI tools learn from program performance data at their inception, but AI constantly evolves and is constantly developing new capabilities. It can understand your organization’s content strategy, develop a new strategy or improve on your existing strategies. It can predict conversions, predict user behavior, or understand and anticipate future social media interactions. Today AI continues to improve from its earlier iterations, and more and more data is gathered and analysed. Data science and machine learning are expanding in AI’s role. AI can analyze millions of unique accounts to inform successful marketing strategies, deliver critical decision analytics, and improve operational efficiency. AI can watch a video, examine a sales deck, create a spreadsheet, or even speak to a customer. The key is that AI learn how to drive a human behavior.

AI for Personalized Experience for Your Customer

Reaching new customers and increasing your existing customer base is now about improving your ability to get a high volume of new leads, while keeping them happy and coming back for more. In order to do this, you need to be more customer focused. You need to take a customer-centric view that looks beyond volume and into customer experience. Everything you do should become focused on the customer and their entire journey so they ultimately find your product or service easily. In this modern era where customer service sits as the focus of just about every business segment, providing top notch customer service is no longer enough. AI tools help collect extensive data and gain invaluable insight, while providing a better customer experience.

AI is the future of digital marketing and at present many marketers are still in a holding pattern since the AI requires a lot of manual and partial deployment of software. Artificial Intelligence is an area on which many businesses are relaying for optimizing their digital marketing strategy to be better aligned with their customers needs.